A Simple Plan

We're going to share stories about smart women doing important things

We will ask a group of clever women out for coffees to pick their brains and share our conversations. We're not endorsing the obvious; we want to get under the surface of what it's like to be a woman working in tech.

Women in Tech

The Road Ahead …

Phase 1

Invite 50 women in tech we admire out for a coffee

Toronto has a tremendously rich environment of women involved in the technology scene. This group includes developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders.

These women are a big deal, and we think you should know about them. We highlight them not for their gender, but because they are awesome by any kind of measure.

Phase 2

Post their stories to our blog

We will interview these women about their experiences, and present that content as public recognition for their efforts and encouragement to put themselves out in the community.

We will begin by focusing on Toronto, but we think (we hope) these stories will be relevant far beyond our Canadian borders. We want our work to scale, and we invite you to create your own Women && Tech series wherever you are (even if that just means taking your own personal hero out for a coffee).

Phase 3

We highlight these women in our Women && Tech app

More exposure, more dialogue, and more connections .

Although we don't know the final form the app will take, we envision it will facilitate networking for women in the tech industry through community curated content.

We hope the dialogue keeps going after our initial set of conversations. After that, it is up to the tech community to show other women in the city that they are respected, valued, and welcome to participate.