The Women&&Tech project has ended. Read about it here.

Contributor Guidelines

This project is made possible by the many volunteers, sponsors and contributors that have helped, and continue to help, us.

Ways You Can Get Involved

  1. Nominate someone to be interviewed
  2. Conduct an Interview
  3. Volunteer with the team
  4. Sponsor our project

Guidelines for Nominating or Interviewing Someone

The main criteria is that the interviewee inspires you. But there are a few other things we like to consider.

  • Diversity - Age, background, level of experience & more
  • Is the interviewee’s story different somehow from those already featured on the site?
  • We want to tell stories of people who are usually not highlighted in the media

Ultimately, we’d like to hear from a wider variety of voices in a wider variety of places. If you have a compelling reason for featuring a man – that they help promote women in tech somehow – we want to hear from you too! It is one of our initiatives to feature men as well as women.

Process for Conducting an Interview

Email [email protected]. It’s as simple as that.

Please include in your email:

  • An introduction to yourself and how you heard about us
  • Who you’d like to interview and why. Please include links to their work, website, etc
  • Your writing or interviewing experience, including links or samples if available
  • Whether or not you have access to a camera or photographer

We encourage you to meet up for a coffee with your heroes at any time, but if you’d like to be published under Women && Tech, we kinda need to know your plans so we can build that into our publishing queue. This also allows us to speak to you beforehand and help you determine a direction for the interview that will work for both of us.

What is the time commitment?

Each interview involves upfront research, the interview itself, transcriptions, editing, visuals/photography and development. It takes about 25 hours from start to finish. Your contribution should account for about half of that time. We'll help you with editing, the visuals and development. We do expect an edited transcription. Often a final interview is a total of 5-7000 words (we’ve had a couple that were 10-12,000 words!), but we aim to cut these down to around 2-3000 words for the final draft. We would like your help taking at least a first pass to whittle it down to the core of your conversation.

What's in it for you?

  • You will be telling important stories.
  • Get recognized for your work. You'll receive full credit for the interview.
  • You will meet amazing women.
  • We will love you forever! And so will our community.

Unfortunately we can’t pay you – everyone on our team is a volunteer. This project is very much about making tech culture a better place for everyone, so just by contributing you should experience or warm tingly sensation. And we’ll love you forever.

Volunteer with the Team

We are a small team of volunteers and welcome those who want to help with this project of ours. We need volunteers experienced with editing, transcribing and photography or image editing. If you have ideas on how you can help, email us.


If you are interested in sponsoring a future interview, or want to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please email us.

Any other questions or comments? Please reach out on twitter!

with love from the Women&&Tech team