We’re not endorsing the obvious. We’re commending the awesome.

Our industry is filled with smart, interesting women including developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders. These women are a big deal, and we think you should know about them. We highlight them not for their gender, but because they are awesome by any kind of measure.

About Us

This little project launched in 2012; a time when gender equality conversations were just gaining momentum. We founded Women&&Tech to challenge the idea of tech as a male-dominated field. Our goal was to invite and interview 50 women we admire out for a coffee, talk to them about their work, their experiences and their awesomeness, and share these conversations with the world. By sharing these stories, we wanted to recognize the efforts of women in this industry and contribute to a community that elevates one another.

We’ve interviewed designers, developers, entrepreneurs and multi-faceted women who are shaping and navigating the tech industry. Though we started in Toronto, our readers came from all over the world. We've shared contributions from people who have interviewed women in their own cities and communities. Women who are contributing to the tech industry in their own ways. We feel humbled and encouraged by the response and reach we’ve had in the community.

2017 Redesign

While we loved our old website—and we know you did too—we needed an update for technical and logistical reasons and, more importantly, to represent the direction of our project more accurately.

As part of this redesign, we simplified our publishing process and made a bigger effort to be more inclusive. We wanted to share stories of women from different roles, backgrounds and walks of life. This meant looking for more diversity in our nominations. In featuring each individual woman we paint a fuller picture of our community and our industry. Our brand identity was redesigned to reflect this, adding more color and flexibility to our design system which reflects the individuality and variety of women who work in this industry.

(For more conversations on diversity, inclusion, tokenism, bias and privilege, we’ve collected some articles that we think shed light on these topics.)

2019 Project End

As of June 6, 2019, we've decided to close out this project. Read our closing letter.


Our team does this project in our spare time, so we appreciate any support from our friends and community. We mean it: Thank you!

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with love from the Women&&Tech team